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Face Painting - Parties & Events

Art Sink provides face painting for children & adults for all types of events and occasions - birthday parties, family parties, fundraisers, school events, block parties, festivals and community events. We take pride in the work we create delivering beautiful and detailed designs.
If you have a special event or themed party, Art Sink is happy to discuss specific designs to compliment your theme.
Custom design boards are available for an additional fee for your event.  


$270 per 1.5 hour
$90 each additional 30 minutes 

Parties are booked at 1.5 hr minimum (parties with more than 15 people)
Parties can be booked at 1 hour ($185) with less than 10 people
(local to Bridgewater only).
A travel fee is applied to locations more than 35 minutes from Bridgewater, NJ.

*Summer events: Please be aware that if hosting a summer event with water activities, face paint washes off whenever anything wet is applied to it. For that reason, we do not recommend face painting for pool parties or water play.

*A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to book event, along with client/artist contract.
Deposit will be deducted from final cost on day of event.*

How many faces can you paint in one hour?

Depending on the intricacy of designs requested we can paint between 6-15 faces in one hour.
We are able to create elaborate designs with gems, in addition to quick and small eye designs.
The time needed for an
event is better answered by the host in considering what the guests may want on that day -
for example, 
a small themed party of ornate princesses with real gems or quick eye designs for a very young group.
We are happy to discuss with you the most reasonable time frame for your party.

Large festival or events? Please ask about our speed painting.  There is an additional fee for this service due to labor, supplies and pre/post set up. 
Please be advised that we do not charge a "pay for face" fee to be a vendor at events. We are only hired at our hourly rates by event organizers.

What is your set up?

It's best if you can provide a 4ft or 6ft rectangular table.  If you cannot provide a table, a space large enough for this area will be helpful, in addition to a selected area out of the sun and free of elements.  We don't necessarily provide a menu board as we find it to be more fun and creative to let your guests request what they want; however, a menu can be provided upon request.  

What types of payment do you accept? 

Deposits for events can be accepted using Venmo, PayPal or check. If you need to use a credit card there is an option on PayPal to do so. 
For the remaining balance on day of event - cash is always appreciated and accepted, in addition to the options listed above. 

Do I tip the artist/s?

Monetary tips are always appreciated, never expected. 
Are your products safe for children and those with sensitive skin?

Art Sink uses only the highest quality supplies on our customers and we take time to research and purchase these supplies.

Art Sink supplies are:
FDA approved for face & body
Cosmetic-grade, made specifically for face & body
Not tested on animals/cruelty-free

*We recommend if someone suffers from severe allergies or skin sensitivities that we first do a small skin patch test on the arm or hand.

How do I remove the face paint?

Face paint is water soluble so designs will wash off when anything wet is applied to it.
Face paint can be removed with warm water and gentle soap. 
*DO NOT use baby wipes to clean the face as the chemicals and scrubbing from the wipes can irritate the face.*
Some face paint colors have more pigment such as dark blues, greens and purples. 
If any staining remains due to this, a light oil such as baby or olive oil, in addition to makeup remover, will easily remove this. 

Do you have insurance?

Art Sink is fully insured and can present COI documentation upon request.

Frequently asked questions

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