COVID-19 Precautions

Our communal safety is top priority which is why we take extra precautions at your event to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Please do not hesitate to discuss our process at the time of your booking. We want you to feel safe and comfortable in hiring us to work with your loved ones. 

    Steps We Are Taking:

When our artists arrive at your event, we are taking extra measures to ensure the safety of all participants by....

  • Our staff are fully vaccinated.

  • Face Masks are always worn.

  • Face Shields (colorful/kid friendly face shields are available upon request).

  • Hand Sanitation Between Each Guest.

  • Chair is wiped down/sprayed after each guest.

    Cleanliness For Face/Body Painting:

  • No “re-dipping” in makeup

  • All makeup is sprayed with 70%+ alcohol-based makeup cleaner after each use.

  • Clean water and wash water are separated and never mixed.

  • Water Spray bottles are used often to saturate paint rather than re-dipping in water. 

  • 1 sponge per guest.

  • We sanitize all tools and brushes in 70%+ alcohol after each use.

  • We use disposable cotton swabs for painting lips.

  • Glitter is applied with disposable cotton swaps or poofer bottles only.

  • Artists (as always) will not paint anyone who appears to be suffering from allergies, a cold, have cold sores or seem to be ill.

  • We will paint arms/body, rather than the face when given the choice.