What we offer...

  Art Lessons (1:1 in-home)
All lessons are designed to the person’s interests and can fluctuate in regards to medium and projects in each session.
We also offer subject specific lessons in these areas...
(A minimum of 6 sessions is recommended for subject specific lessons and may or may not include some work by the individual outside of the lesson.)


Drawing, Figure Drawing, Painting, Crafting, Designing for the Theater (Costume and/or Set), Acting, Improv Acting


All in-home lessons are based on 75-minute sessions with a skilled instructor of the arts. (All acting lessons are 60 minutes)


All lessons are catered to the individual’s needs and interests.


A complimentary in-home meet & greet will be offered before the start of all lessons, for you to discuss what your artistic interests are and how we can meet those interests.


Group lessons are available upon request and can be held at various locations - homes, day programs, community centers, churches, synagogues, ect. Rates may vary depending on number of students, length of session and materials used.


1:1 (one-to-one) in-home art instruction hold differentiating rates based on supplies and time spent.  All materials are included. Please call for rates. 



  Art Party!


Have you ever heard of or participated in a Paint and Sip event? Well, we do this too, only we come to you! 

We provide the materials and fun! Host an Art Party! at your home, office, church or community space - sit back and enjoy with friends while creating artwork you can enjoy for years to come. 


Six-Week Group Art Classes

Our six-week group classes are performed weekly in community spaces. Each week participants work on a project with a focus covering a specific genre in art or inspired by a famous artist. Classes are two hours in length, fun, educational and all materials are provided. Classes can be customized for a specific group's interests if requested. All classes are paid on a per person rate at $150 for 6 classes ($25 per class).
A minimum of four people is required and payment must be received before the start of all six-week sessions.
*Art Sink is working at this time to hold weekly on-going sessions in the following counties -  Somerset, Union, Essex and Morris.
*Please contact us if you are interested in hosting a six-week class within a community space you have access to. 



  Face Painting (for children)
We provide face painting for all events - parties, fairs, fundraisers and community events.  We specialize in children's face painting and we always make sure the little ones are happy with our results! Rates vary depending on event, hours needed and number of faces to be painted. Please contact us to chat about your event...we are already excited about it! 


Q & A

Do you work in my area? 

We may, please see the attached list of areas we cover in NJ at this time. This is subject to change depending on the location of teaching artists.

Please click here for list. 


I am not sure what I (or family/friend) wants to work on, but I know I enjoy art? 

No worries! This is the fun part for us, in figuring out what kind of artistic brain you have and what your interests are. Once we discover this, we can start honing in on those talents and interests to develop creative lessons that you will enjoy. 


I woke up this morning and feel awful! Or, something MAJOR came up. Can I cancel my appointment today?

We realize emergencies happen and people become sick. Though our disclaimer will state that if it happens regularly, we will charge 25% of the lesson cost after 3 cancelled appointments that were not within a 24-hour advance notice period. We must do this because teaching artists travel and arrange their schedules to fit our customer's needs, cancelling regularly causes breaks in appointment times and inconvenience for many. 


I don't have a good space for working on art. Where will we work?

We will find a great spot in your home and our artists will come prepared to make it work for you. A myth is that you need a lot of room and a big studio space to create artwork. When we come to visit before the start of lessons, we can talk about where we may be able to work together in your home with your comfort in mind. In good weather, we will try to work en plein air ("in open air"). If possible we may even meet in a park for some landscape work. It is always up to you and what you wish to do that day.